Mentor for Hope

Mentor for Hope is a first-of-its-kind mentoring and charity fundraising, ground-up initiative in which over 250 industry leaders, venture capital firms in Asia as well as corporate professionals pledged one hour weekly to mentor startup founders in need. In return, participating founders are encouraged to donate at least SGD 50 to beneficiaries adversely impacted by the COVID-19 crisis. 

We organised over 500 mentoring hours from mid May 2020 to end June 2020 and raised over S$43,000 for our beneficiaries, Beyond social services and Willing hearts soup kitchen.

  • 100% of donations will go to beneficiaries in need
  • Community of >250 mentors from Venture Capital, corporates and late stage startups
  • > 300 early stage founders across Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia

Mentor for Hope was featured not once but four times on the press, Business Times, Strait Times, A Magazine and e27! We were also awarded the Temasek OSCAR grant, which helped us to raise over S$9,000 of matching donations!

Thank you to all partners, mentors and founders who supported Mentor for Hope.

Going forward, we will be partnering with organisations to continue the mission of Mentor for Hope to help startup founders access quality mentoring. Please reach out to if you wish to partner Mentor for Hope.

Thank you.

Credits go to:

Co-organisers: Aparna S., Clinton S., Elise T., Gwen S., Janet N., Jeng Yang C., Minh Vu H., Roy O., Sharon N.

Special mentions: Andrew T., Adeline T., Anu G., Breyl F., E-Fei N., Hui Hong S., Jeremiah Y., Jevyn O, Manan J., Puiyan L., Shiyan K., Thibaut B., Viet V., Xinyan F., Yen Lu C., Yusry H.


Temasek Foundation

Vertex Ventures

Accelerating Asia
Asia PRWerkz
Asia Institute of Mentoring
NUS Enterprise / Block 71
Plug and Play
Singapore International Foundation
Saison Capital
Sogal Ventures
VentureCap Insights
Wantedly Singapore
Wavemaker Partners


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Alankar J., Palimala Ventures

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Angela T., Agfunder Asia
Annabelle C., Sginnovate
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Arvin T., Akïn
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Daniel L., Google
Daniel T., Lentor Ventures
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Dimple S., Individual
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Jo S., The Bridge Fashion Incubator (Tbfi)
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Julien M., Idinvest Partners
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Prerna G., Individual
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