Makan For Hope

Welcome to #Makanforhope!

What is #Makanforhope?

#Makanforhope is a random drinks/ lunch get-together to bring the tech community closer together and raise awareness to worthy causes and encourage the spirit of paying forward. #Makanforhope is an in-person initiative that continues from #Mentorforhope, a mentoring and charity fundraising campaign supported by many venture capital firms in Asean and tech industry leaders, as well as Temasek Foundation (through oscar@sg grant) last year.

Our host is typically a serial entrepreneur, investor or expert. At each random coffee/ lunch, the host will be joined by seven other guests, tech founders and individuals passionate about the tech space for coffee. #Makanforhope is designed to bring together intellectually curious, like-minded folks to learn from the host and to provide the opportunity for our guests to network or help someone out through their own experience or tapping into their network. #weareinittogether

Triple Good!

We aim to do good in three ways 1) Bring like minded individuals together so that meaningful conversations may initiate

2) Dine at a social enterprise or a cafe/ restaurant which serve a social cause

3) Raise donations for a charity beneficiary. Each guest would pay US$15 for a coffee session or US$20 for a lunch session and 85% is donated to our nominated beneficiary for the month.*

Special edition

We also organise Special Editions where the top six bidders get a place for the session or it is a single gender only session. The motivation behind charity auction style sessions is to help us raise more donations for the beneficiary.

You are welcome to join #Makanforhope as a host or as a guest and share+ catch up + network while giving back! If you know entrepreneurs or aspirants, or anyone keen to share about the startup / tech scene, please ask them to indicate their interest via the form below!

*Note that 85% of ticket sales goes to our nominated beneficiary and 15% goes to covering operating expenses like paypal fees, domain cost etc. Food and drinks costs are not covered by the donation amount. This is so that we can maximise the donations to our charity beneficiary.

Our Hosts

Using the hashtag #Makanforhope

We don’t own the hashtag #Makanforhope, so we welcome anyone to use it. We are happy to promote others who organise their get-together fulfills the following:

  1. Dining at or ordering food from a social enterprise or cafe/ restaurant serving a social cause eg. Farm to table. (examples here and here)
  2. Raising donations for a charity organisation. (No minimum donations, every cent counts!)

Our Charity Beneficiaries

March 2021 — United Women Singapore

April 2021 — Singapore Red Cross

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